Flying Cyrus is the latest most entertaining game out now for mobile devices! The game sort of pokes fun at Miley Cyrus which many find absolutely hilarious. Don’t let this fool you though. Flying Cyrus can be a challenging and difficult game even with unlimited lives – which we are going to provide you with. Now get out there and crush Flying Cyrus and send us screenshots of your highs scores!

Step 1

To begin open the Flying Cyrus app from your mobile device. Once you have done this, click the home button so that it minimizes the game.

Step 2

On your mobile internet browser, go to www.flyingcyrus.net. Then click on the button to begin the cheat!

Step 3

Once you have pressed the button, our system can automagically detect the Flying Cyrus game.

Step 4

You might be asked to make sure you aren't a bot. This is really important! This is to ensure that you are a human being and not a computer system trying to patch our Flying Cyrus cheat.

Step 5

Once this has been completed, your cheat is activated. You can now open Flying Cyrus and start playing. Each time you die, you will go back to the same position and you will be allowed to continue with the same score! Obtaining a really high score has never been easier! We hope you enjoy this Flying Cyrus cheat and remember to send us a pic once you get the highest score!